Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food shopping for a large family

I have tried many different things. Certain things work for a while and then our family dynamic changes and it seems like things have to be changed.

Right now, we are ordering a months worth of food from "Angel Food Ministries". I am not sure I will do this forever but for now it is filling our freezer and lasting us the month. I still have to get milk, bread, and cereal on a weekly basis. I also have to go out when we have people over for dinner or there is a special occasion.

I have 5 adult eaters in the house. It makes a big difference when you are feeding adults as opposed to toddlers or tweeners. And when all of those adult eaters are men that can really put a strain on your budget!

I try to only shop when I must. I have been known to go into a food store for one item and leave with a cart full! Stick to what you came in for and avoid going to the food store at all cost.

I have written menus and that works well. To save money I to not be brand loyal and look for the best deals. I don't usually do coupons. I find loss leaders to be the better way to save. If you have a coupon to go with a loss leader product then you are really doing great!

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  1. Hi, I agree with what you said about family dynamics changing all the time. You just have to do what works for the season you are in. Having so many adults in your household sure would put a strain on the grocery budget! And, how do you make sure you have enough food for everyone when you sit down for a meal? That must be a challenge. Congratulations on your newest baby coming soon.

  2. I agree with all that you said. I have made out monthly menus to rotate in the past -- only to change our diet soon after! It is constantly evolving . . . but I hope to attempt that again soon!

    I'm really glad you are linking up with us!

  3. That's the only hard time I'm having is changing our diet to fit our budget!!!

    I love the Angel Food, however I'm noticing that they are pushing more and more prepackaged food and that is something that I'm trying to avoid.